Closing of Thales TopClass Marketing, Sales & Captures

‘I am amazed by the transformation I saw in the participants of the Top Class: much more articulated, self-confident, mature, than when they started the program, 18 month ago. No doubt that this is the result of your coaching and the group dynamic you created. In my individual conversation with the top class participants, they all were very grateful and impressed by you. Your presentation during the closure event of each of them, their character, potential, and growth path, is a testimony of your empathy and professionalism. Moreover it is obvious that the group is now solid and will be long lasting.’

Mr. Bertrand de Fouchier

VP Marketing Thales Group France

Over an extensive period of 18 months, 12 sales, marketing & captures professionals worked intensively on the following topics:

Personal & Professional Development

  • extensive individual coaching sessions
  • insights into and confrontation with personal strenths/pitfalls

International Succesfull Selling & Consultatieve Selling

(at Thales International University in Paris)

  • Dealing effectively with cultural differences
  • Structuring the salesapproach using bleu, green and gold-sheets
  • Extensive practicing with the consultative selling-approach
20150630_uitreiking (2)
Issuing of TopClass certificates by Bertrand de Fouchier, VP Marketing Thales Group
Presentation of TopClass highlights by Edwin Londeman

Effective Negotiation

  • Mastering the Harvard Negotiation Method
  • Dealing effectively with resistance and personal limiting principles

Customer Intimacy & Relationship Building

  • Creating lasting business relationships using Insights Discovery
  • Open discussion with cliënts such as The Dutch Royal Navy
  • Sales Experience exchange with Facilicom Services Group Netherlands

Thales International Sales Project

  • In four groups TopClass-participants were given challenging international salesprojects by the Thales Management Team

Review of TopClass

Edwin has challenged me continuesly to create more open and relaxed relationships with (potential) international customers and at the same time keep in touch with my true self. In that he succeeded very well and has given me a lot of valuable insights and ‘bagage’.

Boudewijn Geerink, Business Development Manager at Thales Netherlands


B2.DNA is tevens partner voor Thales in de volgende projecten:


  • Teamdevelopment Thales-Unica Projectteam

  • Thales Bestuur & OR samenwerkingstraject

  • Individuele coaching van Thales Professionals

  • Thales HR-dagen facilitator (sinds 2013)

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