(englisch version) Thé next step in Development: Virtual Reality & 360-degrees-Technology

As one of the first buros in Holland, B2.DNA uses Virtual Reality and 360-degrees-technology when developing people, teams & organisations!

Experiencing to “be” in the middle of a videoclip, in which you have complete freedom to broaden your visual field to 360 degrees, garantuees a great sensation! Impact and involvement are much higher than when standard interventions are used.

What does using these new technologies bear on individual and team-development programmes:


  virtual 8 360-degrees-camera:

  • Increases Impact: the 3D-effects increase the impact of the learningexperience
  • 360-graden-‘view’: participants can see the effect of their behaviour ‘through the eyes’ of their environment
  • Experiencing ‘Yourself’: for the first time particpants can actually watch themselves, as well as see the impact they have on their audience
  • Costreduction: using the small 360-degrees cameras makes e.g. coaching-on-the-job possible
  • Innovative: a new and innovative boost to development programmes

 virtual reality 2         Virtual Reality:

  • Dissimulation: ‘creating’ situations & contexts
  • Experiencing: new contexts can be ‘experienced’ and consequently new behaviour can be practiced
  • The ‘overall image’: through dissimulation all elements of a situation can be viewed in totalVirtual Reality & 360-degrees-cameras offer a total new world in learning and development.

              The possibilities:

  • Training: reviewing roleplay and thereby analysing the roleplay from every possible angle
  • Teamdevelopment: teammembers can see the impact of their own behaviour on collegues through the collegues’ ‘eyes’
  • Coaching-on-the-Job: coach can coach from a distance through means of ‘streaming’
  • Career guidance: participants can ‘walk through’ other professional activities without having to be present physically
  • E-learning: increased impact, as the participant can ‘walk through’ the e-learning-programme
  • Commerce: let clients experience and operate the service/products themselves!Constantly searching for ways to increase the impact of development on people’s and organisational growth is what makes B2.DNA tick. In short: shaping the future together!

B2.DNA & Development:

Would you like to know what Virtual Reality and 360-degrees-technology could mean for your organisation? We gladly look for the best options together with you.

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